How Smiling Affects Your Mental Health

Dentelli Blog - How Smiling Affects Your Mental Health

How Smiling Affects Your Mental Health

And all the benefits a beautiful smile brings

Besides being told to smile when you’re having a bad day, smiling, even when you’re feeling rough, can improve our mood almost instantly. But did you know that smiling less leads to some severe consequences such as depression and social anxiety? Read more on how smiling affects your mental health


Mental Problems that Result From Poor Oral Health


Poor oral health leads us to a new level of self-consciousness because poor dental health affects speech, which can cause significant social anxiety. Likewise, bad breath can intensify social anxiety and affect relationships. For some people, stress can completely take over their lives. Research shows that employers are twice more likely to hire a person with a beautiful smile than the one with bad dental hygiene.


Negative facial expressions such as frowns work against you. People automatically assume you have a more enjoyable personality because you are smiling. If you’re working in the service industry, for example, as a bartender, your tips significantly improve depending on the beauty of your smile.

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Bad teeth cause other conditions such as heart disease — about 91% of people with heart disease have inflammation in the mouth (periodontitis) and diabetes — people with periodontitis tend to have less ability to control blood sugar levels. These conditions are proven to be a source of depression, which can cause a loss of interest in dental health and thus entrap you in a vicious cycle.


  • A recent study showed that over 70% people with bad teeth state their smile has negatively affected their lives
  • Out of the 70%, a third stated that they noticed a significant decrease in their mental wellbeing due to poor oral health
  • Around 40% of those questioned stated they avoid smiling whenever they can, and 30% said having bad teeth has made them lose their confidence
  • 15% stated they feel depressed, and 3% (which is around 400,000 people) stated they avoid leaving the house.

Benefits of Smiling

Smiling Reduces Stress

The moment you smile, your brain releases “neuropeptides” – molecules that help fight off stress. Combined with dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, your body has a full army fighting for your good mood. Even a fake smile can be a quick mood booster, help you recover from stress, and reduce your heart rate. Try a little test right now, smile, and think about something negative while trying to keep smiling. It’s hard, isn’t it?

With all that said, if you’re suffering from severe depression, walking around with a fake smile won’t solve your mental health. In that case, we suggest to talk to your doctor and find a suitable treatment.

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People Who Smile More Live Longer


Genuine smiling increases lifespan, boosts your immune system, and intense laughter leads to overall a longer life. So if you’re trying to hide your smile because you’re self-conscious about it, working towards a new smile you’ll be happy to show off will add a few more happy years to your life CV.


Studies show that people who smile more tend to get sick less and generally fight seasonal colds and flu. While we are not sure exactly why a good mood helps us fight off the flu, we do know that stress is a killer on the immunity system.


Smiling Helps With Creativity


New ideas and venues of creativity open up when you smile due to all those helpful neurotransmitters. If you’re struggling to finish an essay or want to start working towards a new creative outlet, a smile can help you get there. The smile won’t write the essay for you, but it will help you take that first step, which we all know is the hardest.


Smiling Makes You More Productive


Gone are the days of negative reinforcement. Scientists have found that happy and positive people tend to be a lot more productive and focused on the task ahead. Dopamine release makes decision-making, processing, and learning processes run smoother and faster. Combined with the creativity release, smiling can help you finish a task you’ve been stressing out over for some time!


Other People Find You Attractive


Similar to yawning, smiling is contagious. Most people react to a smile with a smile, don’t they? Proper dental care makes you willing to show off your great new smile and, in return, make people comfortable around you. Psychologically speaking, no amount of plastic surgery and expensive clothes can make you as attractive as a beautiful smile. That’s why we see some people who don’t fit into society’s current “beauty standard” but still somehow have an amazing and fulfilled love life – it’s the power of a beautiful smile.


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