Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges

Ceramic crowns, also known as porcelain crowns or caps, are the most common prosthetic solution in the case of functional (major tooth loss caused by caries or fracture) or aesthetic damage to the tooth (antibiotic effect at a young age, genetic discoloration, etc.).

They are made of ceramics that perfectly mimic the color of the tooth, and the crown itself protects the tooth from further damage and prevents its further decay.

Caries cannot attack the crown, but it can damage the tooth below the crown if the patient does not keep good hygiene, ie no additional measures were taken to preserve the prosthetic work. Otherwise, their durability can be 10-20 years.

The ceramic crown can be used to correct the appearance and color of your teeth in order to achieve a beautiful and natural smile.

The bridge, however, can be used to replace missing teeth so that adjacent teeth are filed in appropriate shape for support. If the ceramic bridge is made correctly, it is a quality solution that prevents food from entering the bridge and the patient himself doesn’t feel he is missing a tooth while chewing.