About us

Dentelli* is far more than a dental office. It is a team of top experts and prominent names of Croatian dental medicine committed to provide service of the highest quality. Professionalism, expertise and individual approach to each patient are just some of the pillars of our work.

Dentelli Klinika - Dentelli O Nama Dentelli is far more than a dental office. It is a dream come true of Martina Karlo, DMD, to bring together a team of professionals who share the same goals – providing patients with the best service and sincere care and dedication through their years of knowledge and experience in various fields. Individual approach and complete commitment to each patient are just some of the pillars of our work.

Dentelli * originated from Martina Karlo’s, DMD, desire to establish a dental clinic that will provide a comfortable atmosphere, in which patients will be welcomed by warm and friendly staff, which will also meet high standards. Guided by the idea of providing individualized access to each patient, she has assembled a team of dentists whose years of experience, training through numerous educations and specializations install confidence and trust.

In order to provide our patients with only the best, the clinic is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and technology, which is why we can offer our clients a wide range of services so everything can be done in one place, and we also offer a guarantee for these services. Since the safety of our patients and clinic staff is an absolute priority, sterilization and disinfection procedures are performed after each patient using precise protocols and methods. We also include a free RTG and consultation, and payment can be made by installments

However, our most important patients – the youngest ones – get a special place and treatment. For them, we have prepared a special dental office with a playroom to help them overcome any fear before they enter the office. We know how important patience, understanding and a warm smile are in working with children and that is why they are always happy to come back.

We have a corner for your pets too, but those with an engine. Our clinic is one of the few in the city that can offer a parking space just outside the clinic’s door, allowing easier access and eliminating the long search for a parking space.

Our mission is to provide exceptional, high-quality service based on experience, expertise and confidence, and that the relaxing atmosphere of a bright space, modern decor and a colorful children’s corner drift every fear and turn your visit into a pleasant experience.


Over the years, we have beautified and shaped a vast number of smiles, eliminated fears and pain, treated children through play and gained trust and loyalty of a large number of patients, and here is the team that has achieved all this:

Dr Martina Karlo - Dentelli O Nama
Martina Karlo

dr. med. dent.

Martina Karlo is a Doctor of Dental Medicine with almost two decades of experience in the profession. Thankful for the time, knowledge and skills gained in private offices in Split and Zagreb ( Radionov, DMD; Burow, DMD; Ježina, DMD; iSmile), in September 2019, she opened her own Dentelli Clinic.
Driven by the desire and mission to provide patients with a completely individualized approach to superior service, she is aware of the importance of continuous education and constant improvement of knowledge and expertise. She has obtained numerous diplomas and qualifications and attended courses such as veneers, bite splints and athletic mouth guards, implant prosthetics, Ankylos implant system, advanced pediatric dentistry and sedation courses, digital smile design, mechanical dental treatment, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), ozone in dentistry, zoom teeth whitening, etc.

Martina Karlo, DMD, believes that every single tooth in every man is unique and “tells its tale”, therefore, not a single day in dentistry is not and cannot be dull. She feels privileged because she can do the job she really enjoys and truly loves.

Dr Nikolina Bubalović Maretić - Dentelli O Nama
Nikolina Bubalović Maretić

dr. med. dent.

In her many years of clinical work, she is constantly improving, with special interest in aesthetic dental medicine. She approaches clients individually, professionally and with great care.

Dr Ivica Pelivan - Dentelli O Nama
Ivica Pelivan

DMD, Dental prosthetics specialist

His first area of interest is implant-prosthetic care of complex cases, aesthetic and functional prosthetic solutions in everyday practice, as well as prosthetic rehabilitation of patients with bruxism and temporomandibular disorders.

Dr Marija Milić - Dentelli O Nama
Marija Milić

MD, Specialist in dermatology

Marija Milić is a doctor of medicine, specializing in dermatology and venereology. In an effort to brighten patients’ lives and ease the problems, she has focused her education and specialization on treatments that will remove or alleviate physical abnormalities.
This is the reason why she has obtained certificates for the application of hyaluronic fillers, Botox, PRP and injection mesotherapy. Milić, MD; also performs aesthetic treatments for lifting the eyelids and removing benign skin changes with a Plasmage device.

Dr Gordana Paić Karega - Dentelli O Nama
Gordana Paić Karega

DMD, Dental orthodontics specialist

In charge of tracking emerging new technologies in everyday practice, as well as it’s implementation in the clinic trough individual work with patients and specially loves working with children and teens.

Dr Mirjana Labović - Dentelli O Nama
Mirjana Labović

dr. med. dent.

Vedra i nasmijana, naša Dr. Mirjana donosi pozitivu i profesionalnost.

Dr med dent Matea Milardović - Dentelli O Nama
Matea Milardović

dr. med. dent.

Dr. Matea came to our clinic with a focus on working with children. Pedodontics or pediatric dentistry is something that she approached with special attention, and with the combination of storytelling, NLP and various techniques gains the trust and attention of children, and informs parents with her knowledge.

Dr med dent Katarina Eranović - Dentelli O Nama
Katarina Eranović

dr. med. dent.

Dr. Katarina is our youngest doctor and the last member of our dental family, and she joined us as the chief doctor for prophylaxis and teeth whitening.

Dental assisstants

It is said that behind every successful man is a woman, but we would say that with every successful dentist there is an assistant. This is a team that makes a great contribution to our work, our backbone:

Dentalni Tehničar Maja Vuković - Dentelli O Nama
Maja Vuković

Dental technician

Dentalni Asistent Jelena Marunica - Dentelli O Nama
Jelena Marunica

Dental assistant

Dentalni Asistent Noa Grgić - Dentelli O Nama
Noa Grgić

Dental assistant

Dentalni Asistent Monika Radovčić - Dentelli O Nama
Monika Radovčić

Dental assistant

Dentalni Asistent Frank Incze - Dentelli O Nama
Frank Incze

Dental assistant

Dentalni Higijeničar Ana Marija Barać - Dentelli O Nama
Ana Marija Barać

Dental hygienist

Jelena Kulić - Dentelli O Nama
Jelena Kulić

Dental assistant

Bruna Krnić - Dentelli O Nama
Bruna Krnić

Operational assistant

Business administration

Every organization needs to have a great support to run the business and roll the dice to keep it running smoothly. Always with a smile and cheerful mood at the entrance, you will be greeted by:

Front Desk Ojdana Squiccimarro - Dentelli O Nama
Ojdana Squiccimarro

Front desk/reception

Front Desk Mirta Prkić - Dentelli O Nama
Mirta Prkić

Front desk/reception

Front Desk Katica Jurišić - Dentelli O Nama
Katica Jurišić

Front desk/reception

Front Desk Srđana Benić - Dentelli O Nama
Srđana Benić

Front desk/reception