Sterilisation And Disinfection

Sterilisation and disinfection

  • Sterilisation, disinfection and hygiene are at the highest levels of technology
  • We have a special sterilisation department in the clinic
  • We use expendable and 1-time-use materials
  • We use precise methods and protocols
  • The safety of patients and staff is top level


All the instruments in our office is sterilized and disinfected or is a 1-time-use item (robes, gloves, masks, cups, suction cups, anaesthetic needles, root needles, etc.)

With highly standardized procedures of sterilisation and disinfection that we follow to the letter even with the tiniest instrument used with patients. It’s also important to note that other objects such as furniture, equipment and devices are also disinfected.

Using precise protocols and methods we can ensure the highest standard of disinfection, hygiene and safety. Both for our patients in the Dentelli Dental Clinic, as well as all staff.