Implants and All On Four

Implants and All On Four

Tooth loss caused by trauma, periodontitis or tooth extraction can cause a number of problems such as bone loss at the site of extraction, joint problems, chewing disorders, but it can also impair the aesthetics of your smile, therefore the lost tooth must be replaced.

One of the solutions are dental implants.It is a long-lasting, functionally and aesthetically pleasing solution that is applicable to almost all patients, regardless of the cause of tooth loss. The procedure is completely painless and very fast. The implant is made of anti-allergic titanium and replaces the root of the tooth in the jaw.

In our clinic you can also upgrade the lost bone by using various surgical procedures such as maxillary sinus floor lift, bone regeneration and bone augmentation. Selection and implementation of implants by an expert reduces the chances of implant rejection to a minimum. The implementation is followed by a three-month healing phase when the implant marrows with the bone. If the doctor estimates that the implant has a so-called primary stability, it can immediately be loaded with a temporary crown or other prosthetic element until the healing phase is complete. Implants can also be used for the purpose of supporting the total denture (usually two implants are required).

If you want to avoid a classic denture, the ALL ON FOUR method is used for edentulous jaws. ALL ON FOUR refers to a method where all teeth are being supported on four dental implants. This innovative method allows the maximum reduction of the horseshoe-shaped denture or placement of ceramic teeth on implants, depending on price and indication. There also exists an extended version ALL ON SIX where bone allows implementation of up to 6 implants for stronger stability. At Dentelli* Clinic we use only high quality materials, which is why we install superb German implants Ankylos with a lifetime guarantee.

Put your trust in our hands because our implants will definitely enhance the quality of your life.