Children’s dentistry

Children’s dentistry

Any good dental doctor is aware of the demanding role they find themselves in when a child is their patient. It is then of the utmost importance to show patience, calmness, serenity, but also to be imaginative. Children are patients who require special working methods. They need to be dealt with quickly because they are impatient and quite often very scared. The experience in child psychology and the professionalism of our doctors allows us to successfully treat even the most demanding little patients.

Did you know that baby teeth need repairing as well? Defective baby teeth can cause pain for your baby but can also affect the health of permanent teeth. In order to cheer up our little patients, we have prepared colorful fillings (or white ones) for them, and the fear of extracting or treating a tooth is significantly reduced.

When they get permanent teeth, they can be protected in areas most susceptible to caries.

To prevent tooth decay, children should be taught and accustomed to maintaining their dental hygiene. To keep their teeth beautiful and healthy, dentists remove the plaque and yellow deposits from them, polish and protect them.

Upon arrival at our clinic, children will be cheered up by a specially arranged office for them, and when they undergo a special adjustment program, their next arrival will be much easier. Every little patient receives a reward from the rich gift box 😉